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Website Creation and Development Services

What kind of website do I need? How do people find me?

You may have questions such as: How do I get server space for a website? What kind of website do I need? How many pages? How do I make it work for a computer and still look good on a phone, or pad? Who is going to design it? How do people find my website? I can help guide you in making the best decisions for your website.
Services Available:

  1. Online Tutorial and Help
  2. Custom Website Development
  3. Create an ADA Compliant Website
  4. Wordpress and Prestashop customization
  5. Make your website mobile friendly
  6. Online shopping carts
  7. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to include Google Webmaster tools
  8. Database creation or modification
  9. Website security and backup
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Online Personal Help, Classes or Tutorials

If you just need help with a website issue and want to learn how to do it for yourself we can set up a time to do a screen share and video call. I can walk you through the steps. You don't need any kind of account I will send you a personal website address from my Join Me account and we can be screen sharing in minutes.

Custom Website Development

I can build you a website from scratch! You don't need to search the million Wordpress templates to meet your vision. I know how to code using any of the following applications.

Don't see what you are looking for give me a call and we can discuss your needs and I may have an answer.

Create an ADA Compliant Website

Websites just like business buildings need to be able to be utilized by all customers. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 with several revisions since then require websites to meet certain standards.

I've worked with several clients to make their website meet the standards laid out in the requirements of the Section 508 and it's revisions. I can run a free assessment for you and give you the best options available in correcting your issues.

Wordpress and Prestashop customization

Do you need a Wordpress or Prestashop website?

I can help you with setting up the website and customizing it to your requirements. Included in the cost of the website set up will be a tutorial on how to manage the website. Once set up is complete many people can manage and edit the website on their own.

Is your Wordpress or Prestashop website not working correctly?

I can help with that also. I have plenty of experience in troubleshooting and solving these issues. I can usually pinpoint the problem in just a few hours time and have you back up and running.

Make your website mobile friendly

Your website is a little outdated and scrolling back and forth and zooming in to read the text because it doesn't auto adjust to the screen size on your phone or tablet is getting annoying. In many cases you don't need a new website, you just need some changes. I can make your website mobile friendly at a fraction of the cost of a new website. All code ages and technology and techniques get better and more refined. Good news is most of the code is probably fine.

If you are just interested to see where your website rates and help try to start the process on your own. See this tutorial on mobile website review to have a performance review completed for free by Google development team.

Online shopping carts

I can customize a shopping website for you but the cost would be quite expensive. Instead try something that is already proven like Woocommerce, Square or Prestashop. My expertise is in Prestashop and Wordpress Woocommerce websites and I have dabbled in Viart. Square tends to work with you very easily if you already have an account with them. Online shopping carts are a great way to get your company on online. Most of them double as websites so it is easy to have it all, I recommend Wordpress Woocommerce for this.

If all you need to do is incoporate a few Paypal or other online payment buttons onto a website, I can do that. If you are a business that has just a few, typically under 20 items for sale, this would be the route to take. This could be an option for a pre-existing website that you don't want to change, but still be able to sell products via Paypal, WePay, Google Wallet, Square, or other merchant payment option.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to include Google Webmaster tools

Everyone wants their website to appear on the first page of search engines. I use the best practices and keep up to date on the major search engines algorithms. There is so much advice and theory on the internet it is easy to think you are doing the right thing on your own. The truth is that much of what is required is some trial and error and a lot of prior research into what your company is trying to accomplish. A few key words and proven techniques are going to be key to your success and receive better rankings.

SEO improvement is a marathon race not a sprint so expect once changes are made to not start to see improvement in ranking for at least 30 days.

Database creation or modification

If you need to store information on your website for things like inventory, customers, emails, reveiws, you will need a database. Typically using a data storage tool for online such as MySQL processed through a PHP application.

The most common applications on the market today; Wordpress, Prestashop, Drupal all use this type of databases. I can create a custom website, fix, move or modify your current database.

Do you need a custom website page that you can enter and then evaluate or sort the data? I can help with that.

Website security

Website and personal data security is a huge concern for you and your customers! All data that has anything that could be used to identify an individual or get access to their personal information should be encrypted. Just having your data in a database doesn't mean it is encrpyted. You need to have the proper commands that encrypt the data that is being placed into the database and then the correct keys to unencrypt the data when you need it. Think of a database as an opened bank vault full of lock boxes that contain valuable items. Someone can walk into the database but can't obtain information unless they have the proper access codes. I have personal experience and training in HIPPA compliant procedures and have a security clearance from the United States government so you can rest assured that I understand what security and procedures are required.

Most website platforms, Wordpress, Joomla, Shopify... also require an asnswer to possible hackers. I can provide a level of security that keeps hackers from easily accessing your website. In addition even if they access the website a backup in a separate server space allows you to just simply delete the existing website and relaunch the backup within a matter of hours.

Do you have a SSL certificate? Does your website come up as 'https' or 'http'? SSL is the lock icon that is infront of the URL you see on websites. If you have a lock icon with a slash across it means you have an SSL certificate but content on your website is not secure. It could be as simple as an image is still reading 'http'.
Having a SSL certificate is important to help viewers know there is a layer of protection when they are sending data through your website and mandatory if you are selling anything.

I use a secure server for all backups and can do automated backups on a schedule that you need to make sure your data is always secure. This service will enusre that if you are ever hacked we can just remove the website and replace it with the backup in a cost effective and safe manner.

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