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Hello I'm Josh and Compass Programming

Josh saying Cheers

You tell me what you need done by when and I will work with you to get it accomplished.
My experience in the US Army has instilled discipline to work and finish the job on time. That is not why you need me though. You need a programmer/developer that will get the job done the right way. I have over 6 years of professional experience ranging from ecommerce websites, automatic scheduling for patients, customizing complete Wordpress websites, to simple 3 page custom website for an online presence. I understand that all customers need a unique website for their client base. I don't believe in a cookie cutter website approach. There is no reason for your website to look like your competitors, or even worse your sporting goods website looking exactly like a cheese cake website. You want your company to stand out.

Let me know what you need and I can tell you if I can do it. If it can't be done by me I'll point you in the right direction.

Josh Carlisle