Store Counter

This form will allow you to place a screen/tablet or other media device in a location near the entrance to let customers know how many people are in the store. This will help you keep the store within the capacity levels authorized by you.

If another device is also used to update count please refresh the page for latest information  

Your store name:  

You can also include a message up to 200 characters are allowed in the store name field.

The current number of people in the store are:

Maximum number of people allowed in store:  

Click the button below on the media device you will be showing your customers. This will display your store name, current customers in store and max limit. Once you make changes to this page that page will refresh itself to reflect the changes within 5 seconds.

View the Customer Page

By clicking on this button you will remove your session and all information will be removed.

This program does not collect any data from you other than your IP Address and session number to allow the counter and administrative panel communicate to one another. All data will be erased upon you clicking on the clear counter button above. It also deletes the session automatically after 3 hours of inactivity. This program can be used for free as is. Any suggestions or questions can be addressed to josh(at) This is a test version and is still a work in progress so suggestions are recommended and features will be changed in the future.

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