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Create a QR Code and link on website

This QR maker will allow you to create a QR code for your website and copy and paste the full code to include a link to the website page onto your website.

How it works

After placing a website URL into the text box below you will have a customized QR code image that you can save the image and place/paste into your website, newsletter, email or whatever you need it for.

Place the website URL below. Do not place the https:// in the front.

You can copy the image above for your own use to place as required. See below in the gray box for a link to place in your website.

This is the website address the QR Code is associated with:

Placing the QR code onto your website

After submitting your URL the full code will appear in the gray box below. The code has a link to the website for users to just click the image, no need to scan. They can also scan it as normal. Copy and paste the code and enter it into your website:

The use of QR Code API is courtesy of